Astonishing UFO Encounter (and abduction?) | The Richard Dolan Show

By | November 29, 2022

I am back for another interview with Allan LaVigne, who previously talked about his fascinating history with the UFO organization APRO during the 1970s. In this discussion, Allan describes two remarkable personal encounters he had during that period of time. The first is a sighting of a clearly defined UFO on the outskirts of Tucson in 1974, while the second is an extraordinary close encounter with an alien being. Allan graciously provided his own artwork to illustrate both events.

I’ll say this: Allan did a HECK of a job in discussing these encounters. If you liked his interview from last week, you will definitely find this one to be outstanding. 


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  1. OC

    One thing that pops into my head, wonder if it was firmly planted in his head,
    on a subconscious level, that he get out of the UFO field.
    Seems rather odd that he would give up that pursuit on his own.
    Would think an experiences like that should have driven him further into finding
    answers, not totally shutting down.
    Maybe over time, the planted fears, concerns, disinterest, mental blocks, etc.
    wear off and fade over time?
    He said he’s willing to undergo hypotonic regression, I have a feeling that deep
    down he doesn’t want too, possibly fear of what he would remember.
    He did mention Travis Walton several times.

  2. Craig Champion

    Wow – another top-of-the-line interview! Certainly do appreciate Allan’s straightforward, honest recounting of his two ufo encounters.

    Encounter #1: telepathic communication/euphoric feeling. I wonder if anyone else that evening, saw/experienced that particular craft.

    Fascinating discussion regarding microwave tech involving language transmission and stimulation of pleasure-centers in the brain. Got it – the “lensing-effect” makes sense – “field propulsion,” as in manipulation of the space/time continuum.

    Yep – Ronald Moultrie and Scott Bray’s involvement in the congressional ufo hearings are strictly for show, as in “these guys are experts.”

    Hmmm…APRO and “donations.” I’m guessing that Jim was intell-affiliated, indeed. Who’d-uh-thunk APRO was government-subsidized?! Yep – the files were confiscated and sealed.

    Wow – a Bicentennial Train, replete with ufo artifacts! How close we’ve come to coming-clean regarding the phenomenon.

    Encounter #2: small landing-craft exuding diffuse surrounding light, becoming under the influence of some type of mind control. Were the missing couple also abducted (but for good) vs. left the area of their own volition? What on earth was Alan doing on a ladder on the side of a silo vs. the conventional abduction protocol of being physically examined, etc., by the Others? Weird. Was that a memory confabulation, as in going up or down the craft’s ladder instead of a silo? We are apparently “programmable” bioplasm!

    Really enjoyed this interview – looking forward to the next one!

  3. deweyweber

    Great Interview with Allan Lavigne. Interestingly, Allan mentioned Tucson Arizona where the University of Arizona is making mirrors for the world’s largest observatory. My friend, Chris Impey, a professor and deputy head of the department of astronomy at the University of Arizona. I can confirm that UFO research is persona non-grata with astronomers. That being said, I’m current take an amazing free astronomy survey course online ( I can say that Chris is simply the best lecturer on science I’ve ever experienced. I encourage anyone interested in expanding their understanding of science in general and astronomy specifically to take this course.

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    One has to wonder about the timing of that 2nd abduction relative to the Carter Administration project he mentioned. Does he think there is any correlation? Man he needs to do a regression.

    I totally get why he would leave the field after that experience. I had the same reaction after I was visited by a Gray that my girlfriend (1989/90) was cooperating with. The visit was at my request (via her) because initially I didn’t totally believe her and I guess I didn’t fully expect it to happen. But, once it did, I thought NFW am I dating this chick and having this going on in the bed next to me at random moments. All sorts of weird thoughts go through your head like, what if we get serious and want kids, how would it impact that? What if they change their minds and start messing with me? etc, you get the idea. I was like nope, got more important things to do this life, not having ANYTHING to do with that, I’m outta here.

    And regarding your query about what is the telepathic interaction like, I can confirm Allan’s experience. It sounds like it was about the same as his, it is literally like having a conversation only your lips are not moving. Other than that you might not notice any difference … except that you are talking to a gray alien floating outside your window … that was the different part :)-

  5. Jean Dorton

    I’m a bit perturbed that a UFO researcher would not try to find those dope smoking hippies. I guess that’s his rationale, eh? Note to self, if you get abducted you’re on your own!

  6. Andromeda107

    Richard I was laughing so hard when Mr. Lavigne would veer off course and start talking about something else,when he was suppose to talking about his second ufo encounter, and you had to bring him back to the topic I think you must have called him out at least 3 times to get him back on the topic LOL!!. And his second ufo/abduction encounter was insane! So much going on with it; the hippies who were in some type of hypnotic state, what was that all about , and why with whatever these beings did to Mr. Lavigne ,make him climb a ladder up the side of silo, and then to have him wake from whatever state he was to realize he was climbing the silo , and then look down to see a gray alien at the bottom of it, that had to frightening. What were these beings trying to accomplish? Also when Mr. Lavigne was giving the description of the craft I immediately thought about the Lonnie Zamora incident of 1964 ,and the 1981 Provence, France case that involved the farmer Renato Nicoli,the only thing different about those cases was there was no robot looking creature as Mr. Lavigne described . His description of the gummby- like robot was fascinating. I really appreciate Mr. Lavigne sharing his ufo encounters with us, especially that second encounter, it was all so freaking strange and amazing at the same time . Mr. Lavigne is a very interesting and knowledgeable person; he has a very interesting, funny , and entertaining way of explaining a story, I was also laughing so hard when he was talking about trying to wake his wife. Like you Richard , I immediately thought that the beings were messing with brain, but when she remembered the next day he tried to wake her, I was like oh I guess they didn’t screw with her brain to keep her asleep, she is just a an extremely heavy sleeper. I am very much looking forward to the next episode Mr. Lavigne.

  7. Sean Graves

    Top Drawer material Sir Dolan! Find it intriguing that he quasi-mocked “experiencers” in his first interview who go outside to ce-5 or whatever and some E.T. Team checks their schedule then runs over to provide whatever they provide…. But then his first “eye witnessing” wasn’t too far off that trope!

    I also have had two big events, for me at 7 and 17. The craft I saw at 7 years old forced me into a nuts & bolts philosophy. Took me a long time to acknowledge Vallée. If only I could have had APRO contacts!

  8. D.A.


    I found Mr. LaVigne’s description of what can be described as a disembodied voice quite intriguing, given my recent experience with one. The voice I heard was not in my head either, but was a physical, coherent, auditory sound, much like what Mr. LeVigne had described. The voice I heard could also be described as masculine; however, I was definitely not flooded with a sense of euphoria. All of this begs to question: could physical sound waves be generated/propagated out of thin air directly through the transmission and manipulation of specific wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation? In other words, can a certain type of EM radiation generate specific sounds via the stimulation, and subsequent vibration, of gas molecules in air, which can be articulated into speech, and/or any other sound, without requiring the EM radiation to be captured by an electro-mechanical device, or receiver, which physically converts the EM impulses into electric impulses, then converts them into equivalent physical impulses, or sound waves, via a speaker? We know that a single am radio wave transmission has enough energy to produce discernible sounds by a crystal radio circuit without requiring the input of any additional energy. Now think about all the available electromagnetic energy just flooding our environment via the “airwaves”, not to mention the electrical potential of our atmosphere itself, which is created by the triboelelectic effects of moving particles in air, and stored like a capacitor until discharged via lightening (or captured, as Tesla wanted to do, or perhaps how Betty Andeasson’s friend’s actually did do). If thunder, which is an auditory sound generated by the violent compression of gas molecules when electrical energy is suddenly released forming a plasma arc form the sky to the ground (similar to an electrostatic arc from your finger to a grounded object), then why couldn’t the available EM energy that is all around us (which is generated by lightening discharge as well) be concentrated and manipulated to generate an articulate sound from thin air? After all, isn’t that the premise behind the electromagnetic voice phenomenon (EVP) gadgets used by ghost hunters?

    Similarly, if electromagnetic radiation conveys both energy (and data via the modulation of frequencies), then couldn’t telepathy, and maybe even to some extent remote viewing, be just another form of EM radiation communication–like radio, television, or cell phones, if you will–which involves the generation and propagation of specific wavelengths of EM raditation from one individual–say a person, spiritual entity or even ET–directly to another individual, which is then converted into electrical impulses in the recipient’s brain, just like physical sound impulses are converted into electrical impulses by the cilia in our ears? And if so, then wouldn’t it mean that not only does the entity, or person, generating the telepathic thought have the ability and inherent physiological capability to transmit that thought to another individual, but the recipient of that thought must also have the inherent physiological capability to receive it (think of a radio transmitter and receiver)? And if one physiological capability is present, then isn’t it likely that the other physiological capability is present as well, even if the ability to use it isn’t? In other words, is it possible that some, if not all of us, have these inherent capabilities, but they’re just turned off, or in some cases only partially turned on to one degree or another? And can these capabilities be artificially stimulated using MDA or some other type of psychoactive neurotransmitter or psychedelic drug, and/or through meditation, hypnosis, or some type of cognitive learning technique or strategy? And do these capabilities (transmitting and receiving) ultimately reside in that part of the brain that Dr. Nolan found to be hyperactive in those patients who experienced close encounters of one type or another?

    Just some thoughts. Next time I’ll dispense with all the long-winded, old-school, writing nonsense, and just send them over to you (and Tracey) telepathically.


  9. D.A.

    Wow. I wrote my last comment too soon–literally not even 1 minute before you and Mr. LaVigne started talking exactly about what I previously wrote, even going as far as to mentioning Dr. Nolan.

    I have a very bad habit of stopping your shows to make comments before I go back at a later time to finish listening to the entire program. I won’t make that mistake again. My bad.


  10. JerseyGirl2008

    Now that he’s speaking out, perhaps the “hippie couple” that lived in the bungalow across the street will reach out to him if they’re still around and corroborate some of the abduction story if they remember. It would be huge.

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