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Hi Everyone, 

This is a slightly expanded version of a lecture I gave to this website over a week ago. I did however add a recent USO case from 2020 to the mix, so that part will be new. Plus, the presentation is a bit different from before. 

I have to say once again that I appreciate having you here to evaluate some of the things I create prior to me putting them out to a wider audience. 

In any case, this program will be available at 8 pm EST tonight (Tuesday, May 7). 


7 thoughts on “MISSING TIME Cases STILL HAPPENING | Richard Dolan Show

  1. Stevecattard92

    I have to say, it does seem to me that these beings are more so up to malevolent doings than any thing else. Hiding from us and abducting our fellow human beings without consent does not offer any positive outlook for me. So I do not understand how one could take away any good from this.

    That being said the secrecy group is doing just that; keeping secrets from us! And the intelligence community is causing much confusion and chaos within ufology today especially here in the rabbit hole forum on your members site. I do engage often and I’m quite surprised at how well those in power keeping these secrets are able to cause such skepticism at such an alarming rate within these topics now adays. Disclosure that once seemed close is moving away from me much faster than ever anticipated.

  2. Peter Mancini

    Have you come across any cases of people being abducted off of warships? I ask cuz I used to think it was just people living in homes they got abducted, but people have been abducted out of high-rise condominiums in New York City. If they can get you there I imagine they can get you anywhere.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree that abductions can happen in many different situations, although usually when the person is somewhat isolated from his or her friends and family. But even here, not always. I don’t know offhand of warship abductions but it wouldn’t shock me to learn of one.

  3. Bjofod

    It is obvious that there is some kind of technology that sets our time perception out of ” normal ” I have been thinking about what it can be but need more brains.

    In Hopkins and/or Jacobs`s work there is a story about a woman that was carried out through a pool environment and she remembered people frozen and even water droplets hanging motionless in the air.

    Also when listening to stories on Youtube from all the great investigators that is out there we hear about birds frozen in flight and ” frozen ” nature like absolutely motionless leaves and grass where it should be moving.

    Also sound disappear and that could be natural, no motion-no sound so to speak.

    I have also wondered about cars electrics, radios and engines stopping, may not be the truth. It may be that everything is happening in 1/1000 of a second so that everything seem to be stopped when it actually is just the perception of time that is the cause.

    After all there is numerous stories about cars from long before we had electronic start. You had to twist the key to start the engine. Still the car starts by itself after seemingly have been stopped and no engine running. I think those engines run the whole time and maybe even people outside the ” zone” see the car running as normal. Only the victims inside the zone sees it as a stopped engine.

    Frozen water droplets and birds and leaves can not be frozen in reality, they move 100%. It must be the perception of time that is out of sync. This logic transferred to mechanics like an engine may be the same thing.

    What can cause this?

    Can this cause missing time effect? I think so. Lets think you have a zone where everything slows down but outside the zone time flow as normal. What you experience in 10 minutes of frozen time can easily be 2 hours when you leave the zone, it may even be days or even weeks but that is rare.


  4. walidmikhail

    Hi Richard

    general question ,is there a world wide agreement , or US threat to other countries not to disclose


  5. Bjofod

    Just som brainstorming.. ref my first post.
    In project work we sometimes need to make a decision to be able to move foreward at all, then later if it was a bad decision we go back and decide something else to make progress.

    Lets say we make a decision to accept the possible alien time manipulation, that they in fact can do lots of work in a timeframe that to us seem like 1/100 of a second or faster, and move foreward from there.

    How do other observations fit with this consept?

    1. If I was to experience a 180 min motion picture in 1/100 of a second I would not remember much of it if any but maybe my consiousness would notice that something happened. But what ? Memory loss ? Or to fast experience to be remembered ?

    2. If they can do lots of work and thereby lot of movement in a timeframe that to us seem like 1/100 of a second, may that explain the observation of impossible navigation for those outside the ” zone ” ?. Fast 90 degree turns and insane speeds may in reality be done in calm pace for them inside that compressed time duration.

    I will think more about this every time I see a new story from now and maybe we get a little bit closer, who knows.


  6. Peter Hutley

    Great discussion Richard. I was drawn in by hearing encounters and it’s so important to remember the effects on ordinary people. We have to wonder what are the aliens’ agendas. I’m sure the world governments have some idea as to the agendas and are deliberately keeping it hidden( maybe at the insistence of those various alien groups). I doubt whether the whole truth will ever become available, Pete Hutley.

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