Monthly Archives: March 2019

[Members] Greeting and update from the Carribean

Hi everyone, Tracey and I have been on a cruise for the past few days and generally out of communication with the world. But we got ourselves a decent cell phone signal off the Yucatán peninsula coast and uploaded a video for you.  This is the “MUFON Cruise“ and has been a really nice experience.… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap, March 17, 2019.

I had a few things to say about what I’ve been thinking about, including Korean War UFOs, the amazing interview I had with Gary McKinnon, and the UFO crash retrieval phenomenon. But mainly I wanted to talk about a lecture I am developing around the idea of scientifically-driven UFO disclosure. The recent public statements by… Read More »

[Members] Gary McKinnon Discusses Free Energy, OBEs, and more. The Richard Dolan Show.

Gary McKinnon is famous for his penetration of U.S. government databases relating to information on a secret space program, but he also has a strong interest and knowledge in free energy solutions. On the Richard Dolan Show, Gary discusses the work of Thane Heins, namely his “electric vehicle regeneration acceleration). For more information on this… Read More »

“Perfectly Smooth Shell of a Craft.” Gary McKinnon’s 1st Interview in Years. Richard Dolan Show.

UK citizen Gary McKinnon is the most famous UFO “hacker” of all time. Arrested in 2002, he was in danger of extradition to the US for ten years. What he found was apparent evidence of a secret space program, including references to “non-terrestrial officers” and ship to ship transfers of vessels not in the U.S.… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap March 10, 2019

This was a travel week which meant that things got a bit jumbled up. However, I want to share an idea with you, a germ of an idea, really. It’s about what I’m currently calling  “The Theory of Indefinite Exponential Growth.” It occurred to me that many of us are making a certain assumption about… Read More »

The Truth about Remote Viewing, Consciousness & UFOs

Richard interviews Lance Mungia, director of Third Eye Spies, the new documentary on remote viewing featuring Russell Targ and many other luminaries of the remote viewing field such as Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Joe McMoneagle, Pat Price, Hella Hammid, and others. Lance has much to say about not only the reality of remote viewing, but… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap. March 3, 2019.

On topic this week: recap of some classic UFO history, including Project Blue Book and the surprisingly fascinating Florida Scoutmaster case of 1952. I then had a few MORE thoughts on the coming 5G tech revolution before switching gears to Manly P. Hall and how he still seems so relevant today. An update on the… Read More »

[Members] Answer Forum Feb. 24, 2019

Richard answers member questions. Rolland asks about Nazi technology and the “Walking Among Us” theme of Dr. David Jacobs. One thing Richard addresses: are “they” interested in our soon-to-arrive 5G AI civilization? Mark asks about Alien Viruses. have we been concerned with acquiring diseases from the aliens? Suzie asks: Will the commercial push into space… Read More »