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[Members] RDS Part 2. Best. Fatima. Conversation. Ever. with Francisco Correa.

It turns out that a great deal of Portuguese scholarship on Fatima has not been translated, but Francisco not only knows the scholarship, he knows the scholars themselves. He suggests, persuasively in my opinion, that the events of that day and for the six months leading up to it were extraterrestrial in nature. After hearing… Read More »

RDS Part 1. Portuguese Military: Shocking Candor about UFOs, with Francisco Correa.

Here we discuss some incredible Portuguese military and miscellaneous UFO cases, and he describes incredible honesty and openness coming from the highest levels of the Portuguese military on the matter. The audio on my end is a bit problematic but it’s listenable. I am honestly trying to resolve all problems here. But I do this… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap Jan. 27, 2019

  This week I discuss the next turn of the screw in our ever-more-controlled-and-curated world, Youtube’s announcement that it will change its Recommendation Algorithm to deselect “harmful” videos that discuss conspiracies, miracle cures, or even the flat earth theory. Welcome to your new Nanny, the YouTube/Google curator. That prompted me to discuss (yet again) one… Read More »

[Members] Answer Forum Jan. 26, 2019

Some of the things I discussed: Looks like the social media hammer is coming down against conspiracy theories and “fake history.” RShaw asks about Linda Moulton Howe and Richard Doty. Mark H asks about the majestic documents in general, so I gave a long answer that deals with all of that. Ottdog1952 asks about Jacques… Read More »

[Members] RDS Part 2. With Yvonne Smith

Yvonne made a strong case for the traumatic nature of the abduction experience. She did not want to denigrate anyone who is convinced that their personal encounters are all positive, but she did emphasize that people coming to her are nearly all trying to work out serious emotional pain. It reminded me of how David… Read More »

RDS Part 1. Yvonne Smith on Abductions, Hybrids, and Trauma.

I cound Yvonne to be insightful about the phenomenon as well as deeply caring for the people she has worked with. You can tell she strives to be very diplomatic in her statements, but it’s also clear that she recognizes serious potential problems relating to abduction and the ET agenda. At the same time, it’s… Read More »

[Members] RDS Part 2. Jeffrey Meldrum on The Scientific Case for Sasquatch.

We then brought the conversation back to the subject matter, including how widespread this mystery creature is, and what relationship Sasquatch in North America has with the Yeti, reported in the Himalayas. I was very glad to have the opportunity to discuss this with Jeff. He is definitely the leader in this field.

New History Channel Clip of Dolan, Vallee, & Paul Hynek The History Channel created a nice clip of Jacques Vallee, Paul Hynek, and myself for the first episode of the Project Blue Book series. This is expanded from the previous one we uploaded here. The History Channel does include ads, so if you use an AdBlocker on your browser, you might find that you… Read More »

[Members] Thoughts on Edward Ruppelt and more. Weekly Wrap Jan. 13, 2019

Other interesting things of the week included an engaging AMA session with members, who continually ask critically-minded and probing questions. I recounted some of that conversation here. Next I discussed my theme for Saturday’s “Big Picture,” which concerned a theme I have been interested in for many years: mainstream media repression against the subject of… Read More »

[Members] Notes and Commentary on Jack Sarfatti’s Interview on UFO Physics

This interview provides some of the best discussion of UFO technology and physics I’ve ever heard. I’ve taken careful notes of it for my own benefit, but thought I would share them here for anyone else interested. I am sure many of you will be. This interview was actually recommended by one of the members… Read More »