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The Control System

Aside from getting married and having an amazing journey down under, I have also been thinking about the control system that runs our world. Make no mistake: there is a system in place to control you in every way imaginable. It is like a war fought on multiple fronts. In the first place, control is… Read More »

Happy News from Down Under

Very happy to report to everyone from the navel of the world, Uluru in Central Australia. I was invited down under by my friend and colleague, Catherine Austin Fitts, for a special event for members of her site, One surprise for folks at this event was that Tracey and I got married. We were… Read More »

Thoughts from the Ozark UFO Conference

I just returned with Tracey from the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, which is held every year in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s a great conference, and I highly recommend this one. In fact, one of the members of this site, Dean DeHarpporte and his wife Margaret were there, and we had a great time sharing a… Read More »

Interview clip on UFOs and the Media

During the recent Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, I was interviewed by my friend Adnan of UFOHub. I’ve done several interviews with him over the years, all of which are interesting. This one was no exception, and Tracey recorded her own clips while it was underway. Just an advance peek, as the full interview won’t be… Read More »

UFOs? Really?

I plan soon to begin creating a series of short videos on Youtube, probably between five and ten minutes long, primarily on interesting elements of the UFO phenomenon. Whenever possible, I will first publish the text version of those videos here for members. It’s likely that the final video version will be a bit different… Read More »

Live Chat Forum Transcript

  richardadmin April 5, 2018 – 8:00 pm Hi everyone, this is Richard. First, i would like to greet our small little chat group. First time here on this site. richardadmin April 5, 2018 – 8:01 pm In the future, I expect to be doing more live video as opposed to text/chat. but in truth… Read More »

Contact Case #1: Human Suits

The following is a story that came directly to me a few years ago after I gave a lecture in the central U.S. I was approached by a woman in her thirties who was very articulate, soft-spoken, and I would say almost shy. She clearly was unsure about divulging her story but also seemed to… Read More »

UFOs as a Tool for Self Discovery

UFOs have occupied my thinking for over 25 years. That’s long enough to reflect on what these things are, and what they mean for human civilization. But the subject has also had an important influence on what I have learned about myself. In 1993, I came across a copy of Above Top Secret, by Timothy… Read More »

Russia Derangement Syndrome

  Since the summer of 2016, the United States has been progressively losing its mind over Russia. To many people under a constant media assault, the problem seems like it’s one thing – evil Russian intervention in western politics – but in fact, it’s something entirely different. Of course, that’s what happens with mental illness:… Read More »

The Pentagon and UFOs: Assessing the Revelations

by Richard Dolan On December 16, people interested in UFOs received an early Christmas surprise. The New York Times—a longtime leader in mainstream UFO debunking efforts—published two articles on the subject in one day. These were not the vacuous, snarky pieces that typically emanate from the newspaper that publishes “all the news fit to print.”… Read More »