Monthly Archives: May 2018

Personal Message from Tracey and Richard

As we have had such a busy and momentous time in Australia, we want to give everyone a shout-out and friendly greeting, catching you all up before we fly back to the U.S. Below are a few photos of what was for us, the trip of a lifetime — so far. Nice pano shot at… Read More »

The Control System

Aside from getting married and having an amazing journey down under, I have also been thinking about the control system that runs our world. Make no mistake: there is a system in place to control you in every way imaginable. It is like a war fought on multiple fronts. In the first place, control is… Read More »

Happy News from Down Under

Very happy to report to everyone from the navel of the world, Uluru in Central Australia. I was invited down under by my friend and colleague, Catherine Austin Fitts, for a special event for members of her site, One surprise for folks at this event was that Tracey and I got married. We were… Read More »

RDS April 30, 2018. AATIP or AAWSAP?

This episode of the Richard Dolan Show aired on KGRA radio April 30, 2018. The first hour is concerned with recent claims that the Pentagon’s UFO program known as Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) may in fact have gone under another name as well: Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP). It seems the… Read More »

Tracey interviewed by Grant Cameron

A few weeks ago while we were at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Grant Cameron became completely charged up when he discovered that Tracey not only was an experiencer, not only a remote viewer, but had similar ideas about the significance of left vs. right brain style thinking as it applied… Read More »